• ContainsObject checks if an object is present in a list/group.
  • Returns 1 (true) or 0 (false)
  • * The specified name must match the Pinnacle object name perfectly.
    • If RoiList contains "PTV3", ContainsObject will return "false" if "PTV" is the search term.
  • Quotes and # are only necessary if the object name contains any special characters
    • Cord+5 needs to be written as #"Cord+5"
  • Variables cannot be used to specify an object name.


IF.RoiList.ContainsObject. PTV. THEN.InfoMessage="Contains the ROI"; //Quotation marks are not necessary if the object does not contain special characters.
IF.RoiList.ContainsObject. #"PTV+3". THEN.InfoMessage="Contains the ROI"; //Quotes and # may be necessary if special characters are present.

Variables cannot be used, so this code will not return any value even if PTV is present in RoiList.

Store.StringAt.tempstr = "PTV";
IF.RoiList.ContainsObject. Store.StringAt.tempstr. THEN.InfoMessage="Contains the ROI";
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