Varian Eclipse Treatment Planning System Videos
Table of Contents

Eclipse Tutorial Videos

This tutorial series was created by the [Duke University Medical Physics Program].

Tutorial 1 - Eclipse Overview

Tutorial 2 - Getting Started

Tutorial 3 - Contouring in Eclipse

Tutorial 4 - Basic 3D Planning

Tutorial 5 - IMRT Planning

Tutorial 6 - Plan Evaluation's 2 Minute Tutorial Videos

3D Lung Parallel Opposed Obliques

VMAT Prostate & Lymph Nodes Planning

3D Whole Brain Radiation Planning

Dose Painting/SIB Planning Part 1

Dose Painting/SIB Planning Part 2

Prostate Planning

Wedge Pair Planning

VMAT Breast/CW with Flash and Bolus Planning's 5 Minute Tutorial Videos

Head and Neck Planning

Hippocampal Sparing

Breast V105 Field-in-Field

Breast Field-in-Field

Breast Electronic (Irregular Surface) Compensator

VMAT Breast/CW with Flash

RapidPlan Instructions

MyVarian Videos

A Dosimetrist's Tools for Working Remotely in a Varian Environment

Clinical Goals and Protocols in Eclipse 16.0. You asked. We delivered.

Planning Tips for Difficult Head & Neck Cases Using Eclipse

Knowledge-based Planning with RapidPlan for Mesothelioma and Liver

Dose/Volume Objective Reporting with Clinical Protocols, Scripting and More...

My Favorite Feature in Eclipse 15.5: Multi-criteria Optimization (MCO)

My Favorite Feature in Eclipse: Clinical Protocols

Plan Optimization Using Eclipse MCO Trade-Offs

AAA vs Acuros XB in the Dosimetry of Inhomogeneous Treatment Plans

Organ-Sparing Marrow-Targeted Irradiation as an Alternative to Traditional Total Body Irradiation Methods: VMAT Treatment Planning and Clinical Implementation

My Favorite Feature in Eclipse: Fluence Editing & gEUD

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