Need to add this. See PinnacleInit.


The LaunchpadInit file resides in the user's home directory and contains scripts and specifications that are to be run every time the Launchpad is started.



Additional Information

  • Correct capitalization is mandatory - LaunchPadInit will not work!
  • LaunchpadInit may be created if it does not exist.
  • LaunchpadInit will run scripts even when the CT import window is opened. To get around this, it may be necessary to specify that the script only runs when a planning-related window is open.
  • PinnacleInit is similar to LaunchpadInit, but runs whenever Launchpad is opened.


BackupSpaceThreshold=10000; // Set the maximum patient backup file size. By default this is 3000MB.
Script.ExecuteNow = "/usr/local/adacnew/PinnacleSiteData/Scripts/SomeScript.Script";
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