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File Transferring With Samba
  • Samba: An alternative for transferring files to and from your Pinnacle3 system (2/25/16)


SmartArc with & without Auto-Planning
  • A review of the SmartArc parameters and how they can affect your plans (11/30/17)
Pinnacle Auto-Planning - Cleveland Clinic
  • The Cleveland Clinic Auto-Planning Experience (3/11/15)
Pinnacle Auto-Planning
  • Using Auto-Planning to enhance plan consistency and quality for IMRT and VMAT plans (4/23/16)
Auto-Planning with CDR
  • Pinnacle Auto-Planning with CDR - A Clinical Review (9/16/15)


Pinnacle Physics... The Basics
  • Basic overview of the Pinnacle Physics module (1/22/15)

Pinnacle General


Pinnacle 16 - What's New?
  • Refresh and Review of What's New in Pinnacle 16 (4/5/18)
Introduction to Pinnacle 16 - Part 1
  • Overview of New User Interfaces and Features (5/11/17)
Introduction to Pinnacle 16 - Part 2
  • Dynamic Planning and Deformable Image Registration (5/18/17)


IMRT/VMAT Plan Optimization Without Guessing
  • Comparing Pinnacle Auto-Planning with and without the use of PlanIQ (7/12/18)

Site Specific


Lung SBRT Planning Considerations
  • Pinnacle Lung SBRT considerations (10/13/16)
Hybrid Conformal Arc Planning - SRS/SBRT
  • Maximizing plan efficiency and quality with hybrid conformal arc planning for SRS/SBRT (3/20/16)
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