Text Editors

Text editors available on the Pinnacle Solaris server


  • Vi is one of the older text editors that's still commonly used. It's far more difficult to use than GUI-based text editors dtpad and gedit, but may be faster for the experienced user. The editor is different in the it operates in two modes "insertion mode" and "command mode". Insertion mode is used to enter text, while command mode allows exiting, saving, cursor movement and actions like copying and pasting.


Enter command mode by pressing the [Esc] key

:w Save
:wq Save and exit
:x Save and exit
ZZ Exit and save if any changes have been made
q! Exit without saving



Open file: In Console or Xterm type dtpad or dtpad filename.


  • This software is very similar to a modern GUI-based document editor like MS Word.


  • Open/Create file: In Console or Xterm type gedit or gedit filename.
  • Most shortcuts are the same as those in Windows-based systems.
ctrl-s Save
ctrl-c Copy
ctrl-x Cut


Not available on all Pinnacle systems


Not available on all Pinnacle systems

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